Relationship_between_vitamin_C_ and_the_severity_of periodontitis (document)


Objective: To study relationship between vitamin c and severity of periodontitis

Material and Methods: The study population consisted of subject from the Malabar/Purbasari tea estate on West  Java, Indonesia. in 2002, clinical measurements were performed in 128 subjects, including evaluation of plaque, bleeding on probing, pocket depth and attachment loss. In  2005, 123 out of 128 subjects could be retrieved who were present at the examination of 2002. Blood sample were taken to measure plasma vitamin C levels. Information about the subject’s dietary habit was obtained by means of a personal interview guided by a questionnaire.

Results: Plasma levels of vitamin C ranged from 0.02 to 34.45 mg/l with a mean of 7.90 (+/- 5.35). The correlation coefficient between plasma vitamin C level and periodontal attachment loss was – 0.199 (p < 0.05); stepwise linear regression revealed that vitamin C levels explained 3.9% of the variance in periodontal attachment loss. Subjects with vitamin C deficiency (14.7% of the study population) had more attachment loss compared with those with depletion or normal plasma vitamin C values.

Conclusion: The  negative association between plasma vitamin C levels and periodontal attachment loss suggest the vitamin C deficiency may contribute to the severity of periodontal breakdown

(Amaliya, M. F. Timmerman, F. Abbas, B. G. Loos, G. A. Van der Weidjen, A. J. Van Winkelhoff, E. G. Winkell, U. Van der Velden)

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